Why I’m Running

I’ve been involved in public service for two decades, including working with nonprofits, cities, and elected leaders.  As a Democrat, small business owner and community representative, I know we’ve come a long way as a state. But I also know there’s so much more that still needs to be done so that everyone has an opportunity for the American Dream. 

I’m running because my vast experience in the public and private sector has given me personal insight into the needs of our community and local businesses. I’m not only qualified but also prepared to fight for real solutions to the most pressing issues in our region. These priorities should not only be mine but also that of the Legislature. We must solve the housing crisis, keep Californians and businesses from moving to other states, and do right by our students.

  • Tackle the Homeless Crisis

    We need to tackle the homeless and housing crisis in Assembly District 57 and California. This is a serious issue, with the homeless population growing at record numbers. We don’t have enough housing to keep up with the housing demands, and we need to encourage affordable housing development while also making sure there is local control over planning.

  • Better Public Schools

    Education is important to me. I’ve volunteered for 10 years in the classroom and helped coordinate programs for schools. Not only do students need resources but teachers also need support. We are still ranked at the bottom of other states in per pupil spending, and I think we can do better for our students and teachers. As a mother with two children in college, I understand the challenges families have to overcome to ensure their children get the proper skills to succeed academically in higher education.

  • Support Local Businesses

    We need to provide support to small businesses. When I operated my restaurant, I was struggling to stay afloat. I thought my case was particular because it was during the 2008 recession. But here we are 10 years later, and our businesses are still struggling to stay open. We must ease the bureaucracy and regulations that are needlessly hindering innovation and expansion.

  • Lower Cost of Living

    We need to do more to help working families. We must work toward lowering the cost of living in our state, especially when it comes to healthcare. We also need to provide workers the opportunity to gain the skills for the 21st Century so that they can obtain good paying jobs.

  • Create Safer Streets

    I'm a strong supporter of public safety and believe that proper funding and community policing are keys to keeping our neighborhoods safe. While I support criminal justice reform, as someone who grew up in a tough area, I also know that we need to work with our local law enforcement to have a balance. In the end, we want our residents to be safe and protected.

  • Promote Gender Equity

    I’m a strong believer that we need to support women in leadership roles. I campaigned and helped women get elected for more than a decade. More representation allows us to shine a spotlight on issues that otherwise would be forgotten. For instance, personal experience with domestic violence made me aware of the few resources available to victims – women, young people, and men – who have been caught in abusive relationships. That’s why I’ve advocated for tougher laws to protect victims and hold abusers accountable.

  • Protect Seniors

    We need to protect our seniors and make sure they get the resources they need. As someone who has been a government liaison with the local community, I know how difficult it is for our seniors to get help dealing with state agencies, such as the DMV and MediCal, access to adequate healthcare as well as to be protected from scams.

  • Support Veterans & Military Families

    As a member of a military family, I understand the sacrifice our veterans and their families experience. We must make sure that when our veterans come home that they are not forgotten. We need to ensure that they and their families have access to the proper resources, including job resources, housing and healthcare. They deserve our praise and our support for their service to our country.